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Heat Pumps

Depending on your property, C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd will consult you on highly effective, energy efficient and value for money heating system that will suit your needs. As accredited MCS installers you will be entitled to claim the governments range of financial heat incentives, grants and feed in tariffs (FIT). The MCS scheme also accredits the quality and workmanship of the installation, through the REAL Assurance Scheme, so you can be assured of a high quality installation and continuing support. Heat pumps take heat from the air or ground, upgrade the heat and then use this to heat water. This can then provide a total heating solution throughout the year for your home. In a heat pump system there are three independent circuits: the outside air or ground, the refrigerant circuit and the building's water based heat distribution system. They are connected via heat exchangers within the heat pump which transfers the low grade heat from the air or ground into usable heat to heat the building. Some models of heat pumps can also operate in reverse mode to provide cooling.

Heat pumps can provide heat for the following:

    • Under floor heating
    • Standard radiators
    • Boiler replacements
    • Domestic hot water
    • Fan coils
    • Skirting board radiators

    • They can operate at more than 3 times the efficiency of conventional heating systems and as a result help to minimise Co2 emissions and reduce the heating costs of your property.

      Heat pumps work all year round even when the temperature outside is well below freezing.

    Heat pumps offer the following benefits:

    • Highefficiencies, greater than 250%
    • Low running costs
    • 30-50% reduction in Co2 emissions
    • No gas supply or oil supply required
    • Low starting currents (inverter controlled)
    • Low maintenance
    • Reduced VAT from 20% to 5% for domestic applications
    • Low noise
    • Reliable, proven technology
    Air source heat pumps offer the following additional benefits:

    • No ground work required
    Ground source heat pumps offer the following benefits:

    • Higher efficiencies compared with air source heat pumps, as the ground is a constant 11°C

    air ground

    Solar Hot Water Systems

    Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water, usually supported by a conventional boiler or immersion heater to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

    As accredited MCS installers, C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd will ensure you will be entitled to claim the governments range of financial heat incentives, grants and feed in tariffs (FIT). The MCS scheme also accredits the quality and workmanship of the installation, through the REAL Assurance Scheme, so you can be assured of a high quality installation and continuing support.

    Why should I consider an energy efficient Solar Hot Water System?

    Because it can provide a reasonable share of your domestic hot water energy. When used alongside any existing traditional water heating system to provide hot water energy, it offers you peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon foot print.

    Solar Heating Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How can I tell if my house is suitable for solar heating systems?
    A. You will need to have a shade-free area on your roof to install the solar panels, or alternatively a wall or area at ground level, preferably south-facing. C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd will survey your property during our no-obligation survey visit to check that it is suitable.

    Q. How long does it take to install a solar heating system?
    A. On average a 2-4 bedroom house takes two to three days.

    Q. Will the system take up much room in my house?
    A. A larger hot water cylinder is needed to accommodate the extra water storage capacity. There are several options available to you, we will run through all of them in advance of the installation.

    Q. Will there be a need for regular maintenance of the system?
    A. Like other heating and plumbing installations , the solar system may from time to time occasionally need some maintenance, however this is usually minimal.

    Q. Will I need planning permission for the installation of a domestic solar heating system?
    A. Unless your home is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area then you will not normally need planning permission. However, C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd recommends that the local planning authority should be consulted just in case as rules vary between different authorities.

    Q. Surely I will only benefit from the solar heated water during times of good weather, something that isn't characteristic of the UK?
    A. It is true that conventional flat plate solar panels only work during warm sunny conditions as they suffer heat loss when the air is cooler. However, the newer vacuum tube solar panels are unaffected by things like wind chill or cooler air temperatures due to their vacuumed structure which allows them to absorb whatever solar energy is available even on cold or dull days. This means the system can provide hot water for eight months of the year and assist through winter.

    solar eco

C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd are specialists bathroom fitters, taking great pride and care in our work. If you are looking for a new bathroom to be fitted or a new shower to be installed then we are the company for you. A bathroom is a personal room. It will be used many times a day by yourselves and guests. You want to make a lasting impression and enjoy being in your bathroom. We will work closely with you to help pick out a suite and tiles, so that once your bathroom is finished you are completely satisfied. All work will be carried out by fully qualified bathroom fitters who pay a very high attention to detail.

    • Removing old suites
    • Fitting and installation of new suites
    • Renovating a room in to a bathroom
    • Disabled bathroom installations
    • Shower rooms
    • En Suites
    • Cloakrooms and washrooms
    • Tiling of floor and walls
    • All bathroom fixtures and fittings
    bathroom1 bathroom2 bathroom3 bathroom4

C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd are specialists in all aspects of Installing Central Heating Systems, Upgrading Boilers and Heating Repairs and Servicing. We cover all general domestic plumbing to complete bathroom Installations. We undertake all plumbing services and related jobs.

      Our plumbing services

    • Leaking pipes
    • Installation of all domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
    • Replacement of sinks, taps and sanitaryware
    • Shower installation and repair
    • Booster pumps and shower pumps
    • Leaking radiators
    • Saniflos and macerators
    • Central heating repairs and installation
    • Blocked drains
    • Cold water storage tanks
    • Hot water cylinders
    • New water mains

    • Our boiler and heating services

    • Gas and electric boiler serving - all makes and models including combination boilers, condensing boilers, floorstanding boilers and back boilers
    • Underfloor heating
    • Radiators
    • Room thermostats
    • Time clocks
    • Magnaclean in-line magnetic scale reducers
    • Thermostatic radiator valves
    • If you are looking for a pre purchase central heating survey we are able to provide written reports and valuations for all upgrading work.
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All of our heating engineers at C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd are fully qualified to work on Gas, Oil and LPG. All are Gas Safe, Corgi and OTEC registered. All engineers are also CRB checked.

C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd cover the installation, maintenance and repair of all major boiler manufacturers, and pride ourselves in completing many manufacturer's specific training courses.

All our work comes with a 2 year warranty and up to 5 years manufacturer's warranty on boilers installed.

    • Landlord Gas Safety Certificates
    • Boiler breakdowns and diagnostics
    • Boiler replacements
    • Heating system installation and design
    • Boiler servicing
    • Swimming pool boilers
    • Gas pipework and installations
    • Gas fire installation servicing and repair

    We offer a full installation service for homeowners and businesses. Our estimator will come to your property to discuss your requirements, advise you of the products available and provide you with a free no obligation quotation. As well as being able to carry out the above work we have a team of maintenance engineers which enables us to offer a full after sales service unrivalled by others.

    Gas Safe – Boiler installations are registered with Gas Safe to comply with current building regulations.

    OFTEC – Boiler installations are registered to comply with current building regulations.

    Part P – Electrical work will be carried out by Part P registered engineers.

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C & J Plumbing & Heating South West Ltd are fully experienced in installing, repairing and servicing under floor heating systems in homes. A warm floor creates war air convection, which in turn heats the living space. Under floor heating is a very simple but effective way of providing a comfortably warm climate with an even distribution of heat. It has been used since Roman times as a way of centrally heating a building and has various aesthetic, energy efficient, health and heating cost benefits.

Under Floor Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can under floor heating be used?
A. Many people opt to install under floor heating in a new extension or conservatory, and it is also commonly used in bathrooms. An under floor heating system can be combined with a standard central heating system so that some rooms have traditional wall mounted radiators and others have the heating under the floor.

Q. How does under floor heating work?
A. Any type of gas fuelled boiler or heat pump can be used as the heat source for the system. Pipes are usually run underneath the floor surface and the heat from the water passing through the pipe transfers directly into the floor. The room is evenly heated because the whole floor is warm.

Q. What are the benefits of under floor heating?
A. With heat emanating from the floor upwards, heat is evenly distributed and comfort levels are maximised. In comparison, the heat from wall mounted radiators is confined to a small area and rises upwards leaving the temperature at floor level much lower. A concentration of heat at head height is not always desirable.

Q. How easy is it operate?
A. Individual room control is a common feature of under floor heating systems so you can adjust temperature settings in each room of the house.

Q. Are there any visual and space benefits?
A. Under floor heating allows you more usable space compared to other heating methods. Additionally, wet floors dry more quickly and décor is maintained due to lack of damp walls.

Q. Are there any energy efficiency and money saving benefits?
A. Under floor heating systems can give you 10-30% energy saving over traditional heating methods.

Q. How can underfloor heating help with allergy reduction?
A. Because under floor heating helps to keep moisture content levels low, dust mites can be reduced which can aid asthma sufferers and those with other breathing difficulties or allergies.

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